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About Us

Introducing Rushstamps Compare

Hello and welcome to the world of Rushstamps - we are a family firm who have been in business for the past 57 years. Rushstamps sell stamps and articles of philatelic interest to collectors world-wide.

Stamp collecting is called the 'Hobby of Kings' - if a newcomer you will find that if something is old, it does not mean that it has to be expensive. All the stamps we offer are guaranteed original and genuine, subject to full satisfaction or refund within seven days. Rushstamps are members of the International Federation of Stamp Dealers Association, Philatelic Traders Society (London) and American Stamp Dealers Association (New York) and are, therefore, bound by their codes and ethics. However, we are old fashioned in that we believe the customer is always right, even if they are occasionally wrong! Remember, we are a family business and not a major conglomerate!

Although we are a mail order business operating from the family home we do attend at least four exhibitions a year, both in the U.K. and overseas. We regularly attend the Royal Horticultural Hall (London) and also New York in the autumn and invariably we attend some of the major international shows, having recently participated in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Bangkok, etc.

Stay well, be happy and keep collecting, philatelically yours,